Manage your data from start to finish and drive impact with the Dharma Platform

Dharma Platform's rapidly adaptable, user-centric platform instantaneously makes continuous data collection actionable and accessible to everyone on the team– anytime, anywhere in the world, no matter the analytic experience. This end-to-end data solution optimizes workflow so you can spend time on what really matters: changing the world.
From simple to complex, single point to time series, Dharma Platform makes it easy to quickly design, deploy, manage, and analyze large-scale survey data in real-time.

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Case Management
Enroll, capture, and update individual records securely in low resource settings. With our mobile functionality and unique online/ offline workflow, Dharma Platform saves time, effort and resources, freeing up teams to manage casework rather than files.

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Emergency Response
Immediately respond to emergencies with Dharma Platform’s Data Preparedness Kit. Flexible, rapid prototyping and deployment of easy to use field applications lets users modify their work on-the-go giving you ground-truth information from day zero.

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Logistic Management
Coordinate, track, and analyze each step of your supply chain with Dharma Platform’s flexible data structure configurations. Seamlessly run your asset and fleet management operations remotely across sites or countries.

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Project Monitoring & Evaluation
Manage, course-correct, and maximize the potential of your programs with Dharma Platform’s end-to-end project management tools. Automate the collection, analysis, and reporting of your key M&E data, all in one place.

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Public Health Research
Dharma Platform’s native dashboards provide researchers and epidemiologists the basic tools for descriptive analytics for operational decision making, while also providing export functionality that can integrate with other visualization and statistical analysis tools.

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