Dharma’s Chief Strategy Officer Speaks at Forum on Geographic Perspectives on Infectious Disease

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Sam Scarpino, PhD, Chief Strategy Officer at Dharma Platform, Assistant Professor at the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University, and Fellow at the ISI Foundation in Turin Italy, was asked to sit on a panel discussion at the 2019 Geographic Perspectives on Infectious Diseases in Humans, Animals, and the Environment at Harvard University. He is joined by Dr. Marc Lipsitch, Harvard T.H. Chan Chan School of Public Health, CPT Suzanne Mate, Ph.D., Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, and moderator CDR Jean-Paul Chretien, Ph.D., Department of Defense. They discuss their own work and research, the perspectives that brought them to this panel, and the Challenges, Gaps, Needs, and Opportunities that this forum revealed throughout the day.



Sam Scarpino, PhD
Chief Strategy Officer at

Sam Scarpino, PhD has 10+ years of experience translating research into public health decision support and surveillance tools and serves on the World Economic Forum's public-private data collaboration working group, in the WHO/WEF Epidemic Big Data Resource and Analytics Innovation Network (EPI-BRAIN), the scientific advisory board for BioFire Diagnostics, and is a co-inventor on a patented machine learning algorithm for analyzing geospatial data. He is an Assistant Professor at the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University and a Fellow at the ISI Foundation in Turin, Italy. 

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